All sales will be considered “Cash”, so no personal data will be required by the web page.

All sales made outside of Spain will be considered with rate 0% of V.A.T.. The customer must consider the paid of the tax settlement in her/his residence country and discount the 4% of the total amount of the payment in your transference or bank income.

In order to speed up the purchase process respect to the WIX STORES transaction system, for acquire any book through this web page, you must make a bank income or transference for the total amount of the books to be purchased to account ES12 2100 5863 1802 0004 8383 and send me the proof of your income with the description of the titles and the number of copies requested to any of the following email addresses:  or  and I will send you the files in .PDF format to the same email address from which I received the proof of your purchase or, if you prefer, to the email address that for this purpose you indicate to me in your message. Note the offers and promotions that I can make and your rate of V.A.T. suitable for fit correctly the total amount.

I will send to you the copies paid in the next 24 working hours to your email, unless the communication service provider fail.

If the amount paid is less than your requested purchase, I will send you the immediately lower number of copies of the requested titles to your email address and the remaining balance in your favor to the account from which you made my bank income.